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About NiteLine Radio

Niteline Radio (NLR) is an authorized Internet Radio station based in the New York tri-state area. Founded in December 2008, NLR made its Internet debut the following month, January 2009. In only one year—post-launch—NLR and NLR-sponsored events had made a buzz in the music and club industry.


Now, NLR boasts a worldwide listening audience and plays music twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week from its Bronx-based studio. Along with over 20 live shows, NLR showcases live DJ shows throughout the week.


From Facebook to Twitter, NLR integrates social networking to allow our listeners to stay connected with NLR and with each other. NLR was the first to establish a continuous audio stream to mobile devices with our innovative app, NiteLine i.R. The launch of the NiteLine app was a huge success and served to increase our global audience base. We have established ourselves by obtaining a high Alexa ranking amongst our competitors.


We are very pleased with everything we have accomplished, and we look forward to our continued expansion in the digital medium.


For any additional information about NLR, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


As of 2014, NiteLine Radio went under brand new management. Izzy Rock will serve only as a tech support/business advisor and has stepped down as CEO. The new CEO of NiteLine Entertainment & Radio is Frank D'Angelo.


NiteLine Entertainment


CEO: Frank D'Angelo

Executive Marketing Director: Yvonne Esquilin

Executive Director/Operations: Daniel "Bat" Silva

Director/Special Events and Merchandising: (open)

Marketing/Promotion: (open)

Founder/Tech Support: Izzy Rock Esquilin

NiteLine Radio

Lead Broadcast Engineer: (open)

Interns: (open)

Radio Station DJs: DJ Izzy Rock, DJ Jinx Paul, DJ Dynasty, DJ Tanco, DJ Manny Styles, DJ Quality, DJ Mike Bordes, DJ Vic, DJ Chameleon, DJ Uch, DJ C-Lo, DJ Mad, DJ Elmer G, DJ Rob-Lo, DJ Chris Nasty, DJ Lexx, DJ Lou NYC, DJ Sole Heaven, DJ Andrew Quinn, DJ Danielle Nicole, DJ Aimee Newmann, DJ Jeannie, DJ David S, DJ Chulo, DJ Quality, DJ SoS(Serge), DJ Frankie Phenom, DJ Solo Remix, DJ V.i, DJ Prove, DJ Pito, DJ JayVee

From Team NiteLine to all our fans and supporters: Thank you for spreading the word and helping promote what we do!




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